About Us

Agilidi was born out of a passion to transform process into success with cloud applications and platforms. We saw the power and value of these technologies shaping businesses in new and fascinating ways and want to share our vision with you.

As a certified cloud alliance partner, Agilidi works with you to understand exactly what you need to succeed. Using our Agilidi Solution Suite we take a deep dive into your business and tailor the system to gain success based on your unique needs. We understand that you have a certain comfort in the ways you do and think about business today and changing those ways can be daunting. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind that we can help you achieve your business goals and succeed by Agilidi.

Build your career with Agilidi


Agilidi is an exciting place to cultivate your career. We are at the heart of the cloud computing movement—partnering with pioneers in the space including, Marketo, EchoSign, and AppExtremes, and advising brand-name customers on how the cloud can power their business. We offer employees the opportunity to work with industry leaders, the latest and greatest technology, and some of the most forward–thinking customers in the world. Agilidi provides an environment that rewards innovation, is rich in resources and respects the incredibly talented team we’ve built.


Agilidi searches for employees who are intelligent, confident and who can master a broad spectrum of skills. Integrity, trust and the ability to balance hard work and fun are essential to Agilidi’s unique culture and we are looking for these traits in those we hire. We hold our employees in the highest esteem and our company to a high standard.


The culture at Agilidi is friendly, fun and fueled by passion. Amicable personalities combined with intelligence and expertise produce a cooperative, supportive and inspirational environment throughout Agilidi. Providing a comfortable and accommodating place to work is a top priority. Agilidi’s culture advocates balancing work and family, and encourages employees to live well–rounded and full lives.

I’m interested in joining the Agilidi team


Rich Potter

Fearless leader of the finest team of Certified Consultants, Developers and Administrators. Long-time self-employed, Rich can relate to and has a deep understanding of the pain and challenges of small business owners – from marketing, sales, support, accounting, and even IT. His favorite part of the job is to bring real business process improvements to clients – both for-profit and non-profit – and hearing how much it has changed their business and their lives.