How to Choose the Right Edition – Professional vs. Enterprise vs. Unlimited?

How to Choose the Right Edition – Professional vs. Enterprise vs. Unlimited?

So, you did your research to find the best CRM for your company, and you landed on  That was the easy part: Salesforce has the innovation, applications, and community to make it the first choice for customer relationship management.  Now for the hard part: which edition do you need?

There are currently five Editions of the Sales Cloud: Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited, with retail pricing at 5, 25, 65, 125, and 250 USD per seat per month, respectively, at retail pricing.  Contact Manager and Group Editions are really focused on only the smallest businesses, since they max out at 5 users.

While you may still need to choose between Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and, for the purposes of this brief post we will focus on the difference in the Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions of the Sales Cloud.

While you can always upgrade to a higher edition during your contract with, it is best to understand your requirements from the beginning and select the correct edition.  You will have your hands full with implementation, administration, and user training on your new system, so you will not want the handicap of missing functionality from the outset.

Professional ($65/mo) is a good place to start if you have limited needs and are new to CRM.  You will no longer have a 5-user limit, and you add campaign management, email marketing, product lists, sales forecasting, customizable dashboards, case tracking, and (limited) privacy controls.  However, some significant limitations with Professional Edition include:

  •  No access to the API
  • No profiles, record types, field-level security
  • No integration with
  • No Enterprise Analytics – including Dynamic Dashboards
  • No workflow or approval processes
  • No developer sandbox
  • No custom Apex code (unless in an AppExchange package)
  • Limited functionality on some AppExchange packaged applications

Other limitations include reduced counts of applications, custom objects, custom fields, validation rules, and AppExchange packages.

Enterprise Edition ($125/mo) frees you from all of those limitations inherent in the Professional Edition, which is likely the reason that it is the most popular edition.  It also includes increased headroom in some limits.  See the table below for the major differences in the three editions, or the links below for all of the details.

Unlimited Edition ($250/mo) may seem to have an unnecessary luxury of features, but a growing and complex organization can find significant value over Enterprise.  Some highlights of the Unlimited Edition are:

  • Mobile customization and administration
  • 24×7 toll-free support
  • 100+ admin functions
  • Unlimited online training
  • 15 developer sandboxes
  • 5 configuration sandboxes
  • 1 full sandbox
  • 20 MB versus 120 MB data storage
  • 10 versus unlimited custom applications

Other limits differences (Enterprise vs. Unlimited):

  • 100 versus 500 validation rules
  • 500 versus 800 custom fields per object
  • 200 versus 2000 custom objects
  • 25 versus unlimited tabs

Analytics differences:

  • 1 versus 2 scheduled reports per hour
  • 5 versus 10 dynamic dashboards
  • 1 versus 2 scheduled dashboard refreshes per hour
  • 200 versus 2000 custom report types
  • 1 versus 2 analytic snapshots per hour


  • 500 versus 1000 workflow time triggers per hour

Feel free contact us for more insight into which edition is best suited to your unique business requirements and processes.

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