Improve Sales and Marketing

Close More Deals

Manage your contacts and accounts

Get a total view of your valuable customer information…

including activity history, phone calls, email communications, and internal discussions. Leverage insights from social media to find out what matters to your customers – directly from your Salesforce cloud!

Manage your sales opportunities

No more email chains to find out when the next deal is going to close.

Get all the details you need when you want it the most – from products presented, stage in the pipeline, to custom quotes, and more.

Empower your sales team

Use your own company’s social network to tap into the wisdom of your organization

and get the resources you need to close more deals, faster. Find experts, access competitive information, and track deals wherever you are.

Get More Leads

Manage your leads

Track your leads from click to close

and make more informed business decisions on where to spend your marketing dollars.

Automate your marketing

Create effective online campaigns to generate more qualified leads and shorten the sales cycle

Develop rules to automatically follow-up and assign leads to the appropriate sales team.

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