How to Set Up Salesforce for Outlook

How to Set Up Salesforce for Outlook

Salesforce for Outlook is a free way to integrated your email system with Salesforce.  It uses a downloaded program that is installed on your computer as a plugin for Outlook.  It will also sync Contacts, Tasks, and Events, if activated by your Administrator.  Typically this is set up to sync all Contacts that you own in Salesforce to Outlook.  From Outlook, only the Contacts in Outlook that you set the Category to "Sync with Salesforce" will be synced to Salesforce.  And typically Tasks and Events are synced from the last 30 days and newer.

You can see more information from Salesforce here:

Salesforce is an effective, free way to sync emails, but there are other ways to sync Salesforce to your email system, including paid applications on AppExchange:

Click your name in the upper right corner

Click My Settings

Click Salesforce for Outlook

Click Download

Run the downloaded file and follow the prompts

After finishing the installation, be sure to close Outlook and reopen it.

Reopen Outlook

You should see the Side Panel to the right.

If you would like to add an email to Salesforce, click the envelope next to the name.  Typically this is done for emails that you have received.  I will show you how to quickly add emails that you send below.

Emails will be attached to the appropriate record in Salesforce.

You will see them in the Activity History related list on the Account, Contact, or Opportunity.

Activate Email to Salesforce

Email to Salesforce is an additional function that you can use to add emails to Salesforce by adding a special email address in the BCC line in your email.

Note that your administrator must activate Email to Salesforce first in this step.

Go to My Settings and My Email to Salesforce

Confirm the following settings

And copy the long email address.

Create and save a new contact in Outlook

Name it something simple like "your company name – email to salesforce"

Start a new email

Confirm that you have the BCC line.  If not, click on the Options tab and click BCC.

Complete the email fields as necessary.

Click the BCC box once select the new email contact for the first time.  In the future, you can simply type the first couple of letters to auto-fill the BCC line.

This is a very quick way to add the email to your Salesforce upon sending.


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