Optimize by Agilidi

Optimize your business processes with your cloud software.

If you have already implemented your cloud software but have not yet achieved your desired results, you need Optimize by Agilidi. A Certified Professional will gather your objectives, examine your current state and your desired future state, and provide an optimization plan to accelerate your business growth.

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Generate by Agilidi

Build your opportunity pipeline with marketing automation.

If you want to build your lead and opportunity pipeline, then you need Generate by Agilidi. A Certified Professional will examine your lead and contact databases, gather your growth objectives, and recommend a marketing automation solution matched to your business strategy.

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Integrate by Agilidi

Integrate multiple business systems to help you succeed with cloud software

Are you looking to unify your business processes and enable a “single point of truth” for your data? Then you need Integrate by Agilidi. Our integration team will leverage best-in-class integration tools to connect your legacy systems to your cloud solution.

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Analyze by Agilidi

Analyze your business with tailored reports and dashboards utilizing data straight from the cloud

If you are having trouble leveraging actionable metrics to run your business, then you need Analyze by Agilidi. Our Certified Professionals will examine your business processes, data availability, and business objectives. Then we will implement reports and dashboards to accelerate the achievement of your business goals.

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Implement by Agilidi

A full suite of solutions for a successful implementation to the cloud.

Each offering includes (Optimize, Integrate, and Analyze) We implement the following individually or as a package:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Platform
  • Marketing Automation Offerings (Marketo)

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Admin by Agilidi

Ongoing Administrator support for your cloud solution

If you need administrator support – reports, dashboards, workflows, application installation, etc. – we are here to help with Admin by Agilidi. You name your or cloud solution challenge, and we are here to assist you.

  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Continued ongoing support and troubleshooting

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